Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rex Ray Documentary on San Francisco's PBS - KQED

KQED San Francisco PBS is airing

REX RAY: How to Make a Rex Ray

Thursday June 24, 11 pm
& Saturday June 26, 6 pm

This documentary by Joshua Hassel offers a journey inside the mind of contemporary artist Rex Ray. Set your TiVo's and devices! Protective eye wear is recommended!


  1. While not an art follower so to speak, I really enjoyed the doc and was really excited by the works. So much fun and joy on canvas, I really need to find something for my wife. Since I travel here only rarely, I hope to find a time when you are signing works. Thank you for sharing, I think a lot of us learned something, I know I did.
    Thank you and your child, what a great companion.

  2. My girlfriend and I were surfing around and fighting sleep last nigh, looking for something to watch and stumbled across this doc. I have been a fan of your artwork for sometime now and was delighted (we were both delighted ) to catch this last night. Now my girlfriend is a fan of yours as well. Perhaps someday we'll be able to hang one of your pieces on our wall.


  3. Hi Rex! I too was channel surfing when I came upon your documentary. I enjoyed it very much as I love your technique and your work...I find it amazing! I am planning to make a day trip into the "City" to visit the SF Museum of Modern Art. Hopefully I will be able to see some of your works. I told my teenage daughter about you and now she is interested in seeing your work too. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations. Thanks!

  4. I loved learning about your personal and artistic style. Best Friday night I ever spent at home. Of course, first thing I did this a.m. is look you up on the web. I just love your style. I live in the east bay where young art is emergening every where and have a 17 nephew coming to stay with us for a month to go to CCAC down the street. If you have another gallery showing that you attend, I hope we here about it:)

  5. A passion for imagining, envisioning and creating beautiful and wonderous things for the eye, mind and heart to behold — no wonder you find so much joy and pleasure in your work and your creations. Thank you for daring to be a revolutionary on behalf of beauty and joy.


  6. I didn't get the chance to see your documentary in June. I love your work. Is it still possible to watch it somewhere?

  7. Our way-cool Broomfield, CO PBS station showed this a couple of nights ago. It was very well done, good balance between bio and craft. Your art was quite a stunning discovery for me! Love the music posters too. I admire your persistence, your dedication, and your vision. You definitely don't belong in current Colorado Springs. Manitou Springs.. maybe, but you're huge now! Keep up the good, lovely work!

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